Bicycle Canopy Company



WARNING: This product may reduce visibility slightly when riding on the road side which could be potentially hazardous. Additionally, on very windy days the bicycle tends to be thrust in the direction of the wind , as the canopy can act like a sail, and the rider needs to have attention to this fact when riding in the wind in order to avoid a potentially hazardous  'drift' into traffic , other pedestrians or riders.

DISCLAIMER: This product, sold as a design plan is intended to be constructed at the  purchasers home, on the purchasers bike, or by some other person or on some other bike,  and is not intended for any other use. It is constructed and used at the purchasers, or the other persons own risk. Bicycle Canopy Company , or anyone considered to be affiliated with Bicycle Canopy Company, will not be held responsible or liable for any damages or losses of any kind arising from or related to the use of this product,once received,or  either during or after construction of such, or once  completed and in use, or once completed but not being used.

    this warning and disclaimer is hereby signed by Jill Nerkowski,  on this day of February 10, 2009, owner of Bicycle Canopy Company, a divison of Clean Home Company